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In this 2024 edition of the Chianti Classico Marathon, among the many prizes that will be awarded to the athletes who cross the finish line first, there will also be a product kindly offered by the renowned Fabbri pasta factory, which boasts a decade-long tradition in artisanal pasta production.

For those who may not yet be familiar, let’s delve into knowing more about the Fabbri pasta factory.

The Fabbri Pasta Factory: culinary excellence passed down through generations

In the heart of Tuscany, amidst the green hills of Chianti, stands an icon of culinary tradition: the Fabbri Pasta Factory. With over seventy years of experience in artisanal pasta production, this historic company represents the very embodiment of Tuscan authenticity.

Prime ingredients of the highest quality: the secret behind every bite

The secret to every dish of pasta from the Fabbri Pasta Factory lies in the excellent raw ingredients. By exclusively using organic ancient grains, rigorously 100% Italian, the selection is detailed and targeted, privileging nutritional properties and territorial provenance. This corporate philosophy translates into a product that is not just pasta, but an authentic expression of the Tuscan territory.

The art of pasta between tradition and innovation

The Fabbri Pasta Factory skillfully blends tradition and technology. Its historic machinery dating back to the 1950s, including the famous continuous press “Cantini,” testify to the long history of artisanal mastery that characterizes the company. These tools, expertly handled for generations, impart to the pasta that unique character that makes it an emblem of true Italian cuisine.

Bronze drawing: a unique artisan touch

The use of bronze dies in the production process pays homage to the artisanal roots of the Fabbri Pasta Factory. This technique gives the pasta a rough and porous texture, perfect for capturing and enhancing the intense flavors of the territory. Each pasta shape thus becomes a work of art, embodying the company’s commitment to preserving the tradition of bronze drawing.

The Fabbri method: innovation in the service of taste and health

The Fabbri Pasta Factory stands out for its innovative approach to the production process, known as the “Fabbri Method“. By maintaining controlled temperatures throughout all stages of processing, with a maximum limit of 38°C, the company ensures the preservation of the properties of gluten and starch, ensuring pasta with authentic taste and superior digestibility.

An indissoluble link between field and table

The Fabbri Pasta Factory is a pioneer in the field of local agricultural supply chains. By closely collaborating with farmers in the area and trusted mills, the company ensures the origin and quality of the grains used in pasta production. Each dish of pasta thus becomes a journey through a controlled supply chain and responsible production, guaranteeing a final product of excellence.

Celebrating the authenticity of Chianti: partner of the 2024 Chianti Classico Marathon

The partnership between the Artisanal Fabbri Pasta Factory and the Chianti Classico Marathon for the 2024 edition is a tribute to the passion for tradition, the quality of local products, and the authenticity of the Florentine Chianti. Participants can prepare for an extraordinary culinary experience, where authentic taste merges with the excellence of Chianti Classico, thanks to the contribution of the Fabbri Pasta Factory.

In conclusion, the success of the Artisanal Fabbri Pasta Factory is the result of a long history of dedication to quality and tradition. Every bite of pasta is a tribute to the Tuscan land and artisanal savoir-faire, confirming the company as a true gem of Italian gastronomy.

Pasta artigianale dal 1893. Grani biologici 100% italiani (