Chianti, the name of one of the most famous wine of the world, the name of a land. Chianti is not just a name on wine labels: it is a land bound by deep love and proud to the locals who live in deep contact with the rhythm of nature.
Chianti is our home, our everyday scenario, our garden. From this relationship Chianti Classic Marathon was born!

It was in the 70s when a group of Italian friends, in love with the landscapes of their region and with a passion for running, started a new tradition: taking the magnificent vineyards as background for a new sport was just the right way of paying credits to their land.
20 editions since 1973: the Italian way of spending time together, the passion for running, the power of local community.
Thousands were the participants who found themselves in front of the unusual challenge of an uneven trail: different altitudes across one of the most stunning landscape of the world: Chianti.

42 kilometres going through fields and little Tuscan villages: Chiesanuova, Galluzzo and Greve in Chianti. Mercatale val di Pesa, right in the heart of Chianti Classico region, was the starting point and its inhabitants the soul of the event, organized by the local social centers.

After 20 years of dedication, this tradition got lost throughout the years of Italian booming economy. It was then in 2015 that it was taken back by the local community. We decided to try to bring Italian values back to their standards: passion for our land, trust in the community and the pleasure of spending time together.
Chianti Classic Marathon is finally back! And you know that Italians like to share… come and join us! Run for Chianti!