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Among the many products present in the race package of this 2022 edition of the Chianti Classico Marathon, there is also the oat drink produced by the Italian brand Heaven, expert in oat-based vegetable drinks.

Heaven is a drink made exclusively with oats, an alternative to milk, without added sugars and without lactose in a natural way. It has a delicate taste that does not cover the aroma of coffee or other ingredients due to the absence of an aftertaste and has an excellent creaminess.

For those who do not know, oats are a superfood for a series of healthy properties that it naturally possesses. In particular, it is a source of slow digesting carbohydrates, rich in fiber and therefore able to provide long-term energy without leading to insulin peaks.

According to what was announced by the manufacturer, Heaven, in fact, thanks to its beta-glucans (beneficial effect on health with a daily intake of 3g of oat beta-glucans) absorbs the cholesterol of other foods and limits its intestinal absorption and deposit in the arteries. If consumed frequently, it establishes regularity in the digestive system and gives a sense of satiety useful for those who want to follow a light diet. In addition, oats are a natural energizer.

Oats are a rustic plant that does not require particular irrigation, it feeds only on rainwater.

According to the reported scientific research, the production of oat-based beverages has among the lower water consumption, CO2 emissions and land occupation compared to milk itself and its plant substitutes.

Heaven also uses 50% recycled and very light plastic bottles to reduce emissions during transport.

There are many opportunities to taste the Heaven Avena drink that you will find in the 2022 race pack.