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The Chianti Classico Marathon is pleased to announce a partnership with the Artisanal Pasta Fabbri, an excellence rooted in the heart of Chianti. With over seven decades of experience in crafting artisanal pasta, Pastificio Fabbri embodies the essence of Tuscan culinary tradition.

Premium ingredients: 100% organic ancient italian grains

The secret behind every plate of Fabbri pasta lies in the high-quality raw materials. They use 100% organic ancient Italian grains, carefully selected for their nutritional properties. The philosophy of the pasta factory is anchored in the thoughtful choice of grains and a production process respectful of traditions, ensuring a product that reflects the authenticity of the region.

Technology and tradition: historic machinery and artisanal mastery

Pastificio Fabbri skillfully combines technology and tradition. Original machinery from the ’50s, including the legendary “Cantini” continuous press, bears witness to a long history of artisanal mastery. These tools, expertly handled for generations, create pasta with a unique character, reminiscent of the days when culinary art was an authentic and familial experience.

Bronze extrusion: art embracing the territory

The choice of bronze extrusion by Pastificio Fabbri pays homage to artisanal roots. This technique gives the pasta a rough and porous consistency, ideal for absorbing the intense flavors of the region. Each pasta shape is a work of art that embodies the commitment of the pasta factory to preserving the tradition of bronze extrusion.

Excellence at low temperatures: “Fabbri Method” and gluten respect

Pastificio Fabbri strictly follows the “Fabbri Method,” maintaining controlled temperatures throughout the entire production process. With processing temperatures below 38°C, the pasta retains the qualities of gluten and starch, ensuring superior digestibility. This innovative approach results in pasta that not only delights the palate but also respects nutritional needs.

A Chain of excellence: from field to table

As a pioneer in local agricultural supply chains, Pastificio Fabbri preserves the connection between fields and tables. By collaborating with local farmers and trusted mills, the pasta factory guarantees the origin and quality of the grains. Each plate of pasta becomes a celebration of controlled supply chains and responsible production.

The Chianti Classico Marathon is thrilled to welcome Artisanal Pasta Fabbri as a partner for the 2024 edition. Together, we celebrate a passion for tradition, the quality of local products, and the authenticity of Chianti. Prepare for an extraordinary culinary experience where authentic taste meets the excellence of Florentine Chianti. The road to success is paved with quality pasta and unwavering tradition, thanks to Artisanal Pasta Fabbri.

 Pasta artigianale dal 1893. Grani biologici 100% italiani (