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“Nordic walking” was born many years ago in the Scandinavian countries and was initially practiced by cross-country skiers during the dry summer-autumn preparation.

Thanks to the functional use of the poles, around 90 percent of the muscles are involved, thus also strengthening the muscles of the upper body and significantly increasing energy expenditure (more calories are burned than simply walking). The correct use of sticks (which are used to “push”) also improves posture and reduces stress on the joints. As in all sports, the correct technique is crucial for obtaining results and reaping the maximum benefits, and can be learned by attending courses held by specialized instructors.

In San Casciano Val di Pesa it is possible to learn the technique of Nordic Walking by attending the courses (4-5 lessons) held by Silvia Del Carmine, qualified instructor of SINW (Italian Nordic Walking School).

For info tel. 338 6615288 fb page Nordic Walking A Piedi Libero.