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The Chianti Classico Marathon 2022 is an ITRA race.

The runners participating at the 45,6 km ultratrail win 1 ITRA point in the race on June 5, 2022.

The International Trail Running Association was born in 2013 to promote the values and development of trail running and promote the safety and health of runners, it guarantees a dialogue between national and international organizations interested in sport.

For those who do not know, ITRA points are used to participate in some international long-distance competitions that allow registration only for a certain ITRA score.

The ITRA evaluates the points in a trail running sporting event based on the distance, the difference in height and the autonomy, therefore on the basis of the mileage effort and the difficulty that the athlete must employ to reach the finish line. To get the ITRA points it is sufficient to finish the race within the maximum time established.

Below is the card for the Chianti Classico Marathon 2022 distance 45.6 km:

At this link you will find all the details relating to the Itra classification of the Chianti Classico Marathon 2022: