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The Chianti Classico Marathon is inside of the great circuits.

From the 2020 edition is member of ITRA, UTMB, and IUTA Italia race.

The runners participating in the race of 7 June will be able to win the precious points.
As for the ITRA circuit, the International Trail Running Association, born in 2013 to promote the values and development of trail running, and to promote the safety and health of runners, guarantees a dialogue between national and international bodies interested in sport.
There are 2 ITRA points for those participating in the Chianti Classico Marathon on 7 June 2020, out of a maximum of 6 (on the Itra scale) for the 45.6 km ultratrail.
Here you can find the race classification:

The Chianti Classico Marathon is also a qualifying race for the UTMB 2020. Another important opportunity for runners who aspire to participate in what is considered the most important and famous ultratrail race in the world and which inspires all the main trail running events: the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.
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Finally, the #CCM2020 is part of the IUTA Italia circuit, the “Italian Ultramarathon and Trail Association” which means an additional safety standard, “a quality mark” being part of it.
IUTA members can participate in the Grand Prix and the Ultramarathon world championships through the circuit of affiliated events.
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