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A few hours from the event there are 31 nations present in Chianti with athletes also arriving from non-European countries, as well as Europeans, such as the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Iceland, Turkey, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Bulgaria, Sweden, just to name a few.
Many surprises are in the pipeline in this 2019 edition for runners and their families as a full-bodied race pack, an optimized route and a walk with wine tasting organized for Saturday 1st June. There will also be tastings for athletes and their families in many wineries in the area, a tasty dinner on Saturday, June 1st at a winery with local products and a typical Tuscan menu. There is also the Mini Run for children of primary schools in Mercatale, San Casciano.


Ultratrail: The path of the ultratrail has been revised in a detailed and improved way, it has gone from 44 km to 45.6 km starting at 8.00 am from Mercatale Val di Pesa and suggestive passages since the first kilometers as the Cantina Antinori between the 9th and 10 ° km, the Cippo to the memory of the Pratale Excavation at the 18th km, the Abbey of Badia a Passignano at the 20th km, and the town of Greve in Chianti with punching around the 30th km. And again the medieval village of Montefioralle, one of the most beautiful in Italy, at 31 ° km, the Castle of Verrazzano at the 34th km, Gabbiano on the way back to the 42nd km. Eight refreshments provided.
It is also possible to register on the morning of the race on Sunday 2 June starting at 7.00.
Link to the track:


Trail: The distance of the 21 km trail starting at 8.30 and four refreshments provided is unchanged. Do not miss the restored tabernacle of Tenuta Belvedere in Campoli already at the 2nd km, the evocative passage from the vineyard where the famous Tignanello wine is produced between the 5th and 6th km with the possibility of taking wonderful photos, then passing by the village of Valigondoli between the 7th and 8th km, at 11th the passage from Castello d Verrazzano, to the 16th view of the Astronomical Observatory of Luciana, at 17th km the passage in front of the church of San Fabiano in Montefolchi, and then to Castello di Gabbiano at 18 ° km with final arrival always in Mercatale Val di Pesa.
It is also possible to register on the morning of the race on Sunday 2 June starting at 7.00.
Link to the track:

Nordic Walking and free walk: The non-competitive to perform as you prefer, running, walking at a fast or slow pace, and even Nordic Walking has gone from 10 to 11 km. The departure is set at 9.15 am always from Piazza Vittorio Veneto to Mercatale V.P. with the Nordic Walking group led by instructor Silvia Del Carmine and other instructors Cristiano Orlandini and Claudia Pezzati of the Italian Nordic Walking School in collaboration with the Arcoballando association.
This route, in addition to the beauty of the places, is enlivened by a maxi enogastronomic stop located on the 6th kilometer of the Borgo Montefolchi farm where you can taste bruschetta with tomatoes, tastings of extra virgin olive oil DOP, salami and cheeses, jams and other products of the territory strictly with zero kilometers. Obviously Chianti Classico wine will not be missing. Everything will be made even more pleasant by the presence of a band at the Borgo Montefolchi that will make the atmosphere even more festive to the rhythm of music.
After the break, the group will return to the square of Mercatale Val di Pesa where the public will await the arrival of all the athletes.
For participants in the non-competitive 11 km race package includes a bottle of Chianti Classico wine + maxi wine and food stop + 100 g. pack of cantuccini biscuits with chocolate made by Ghiott confectionery company for the first 800 members of the three events. Possibility to purchase technical jersey at a discounted rate.
It is also possible to register on the morning of the race on Sunday 2 June starting at 7.00.
Link to the Nordic Walking and Free Pass track:

For all three routes the meeting is scheduled at least 30 minutes before departure and the maximum time to finish the three routes is set for 16.30.

Saturday, June 1, 4.30 pm for primary school children aged 6 to 11 years, about 600 meters long near the elementary school in Via dei Cofferi in Mercatale Val di Pesa. There are two paths to take: one for the little ones and two for the older ones. The race is open to students of the schools of Mercatale and San Casciano and to children who want to try their hand at a fun and socializing race. Small prizes for all participants.

Starting at 12.00 on Sunday 2 June, open lunch at the elementary school gym in via dei Cofferi at 230 m. from piazza Vittorio Veneto where the start and finish of the race are held.
The family members of the athletes can buy the ticket for the amount of 10 euros, for children up to 10 years the ticket is 5 euros.

Among the other surprises, a further one reserved for the first 400 registered between ultratrail and trail, which in the race package will also find a can of 100 ml extra virgin olive oil from the Chianti Classico produced by the Frantoio del Grevepesa and the first 800 of all three also a pack of Ghiott chocolate cantucci biscuits.
In the race package there is also a bottle of Chianti Classico wine for everyone, a voucher for a complete lunch: first course, second course with side dish, dessert and wine + steak for ultratrail participants of 45.6 km. Finally, for the athletes of the two competitive technical jerseys of the event, the first 500 participants of the two races with original design (the second of 6 jerseys with the 6 main places touched by the race) depicting the famous square of Greve in Chianti (Piazza Matteotti) with the statue of the explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano in evidence and the black rooster symbol of the Chianti Classico.
The technical sponsor Hoka One One, a leading company in the production of trail running shoes, will be present at the Expo village with a stand where it will be possible to test Hoka One One shoes thanks to the Motus Sport store in San Casciano Val di Pesa, via IV Novembre 6, with the owner Pietro Neri specialized in sales and accessories for running and triathlon.

For all the finisher terracotta medals made by hand by a Chianti artist of the Terrecotte Mital company (Manifattura Imprunetana Artistic Terracotta and Bricks).
Two types divided according to the race. For the 45.6 km ultratrail it will have the shape of a heart with the Chianti Classico Marathon logo on the right side and the Giglio di Firenze on the other side. Just the heart is also connected to the technical shirt whose black cock is made with hearts.
For the 21 km trail the medal will be round with the Chianti Classico Marathon logo with the cock inside.

Runners registered for the race will be able to take advantage of free baby parking with a specialized person on Sunday 2 June starting from 7.30 am until the end of their race and in any case no later than 4.30 pm the race’s maximum closing time.
Reservations required at tel. +39 349 8025107.

To capture the salient stages of the race, the photographers of Regalami un Sorriso Onlus will be present, the non-profit organization of Piero Giacomelli, a famous former athlete who has become a well-known photographer in the world of Tuscan running and beyond. At the end of the evening, the participants of the event will already be able to download and share the photographs of the race through the website: also via the Facebook page
and also carry out a beneficial act since the purchase involves a donation to the non-profit organization.

The course will be manned by the voluntary staff of the Chianti Classico Marathon recognizable with the blue shirt and the staff writing. On the bibs, in addition to the altimetry of the course, the telephone number to contact in case of emergency is entered.

Runners arriving from outside can park along the Provincial Road 92 Grevigiana for Mercatale, but also in Via dei Cofferi, or near the sports field and in the various parking lots of the town all regularly indicated with signs. The distance to the start is for everyone of approx. 300 m quickly passable on foot.
The camper area, equipped and authorized, is located in San Casciano Val di Pesa, near the municipal multipurpose area of ​​Parco Il Poggione, very close to the center of San Casciano Val di Pesa with entrance from Via delle Rose where you can find restrooms. , and more.

Video promo 2020: the participants of the 2019 edition can be chosen as protagonists of the promo video of the 2020 edition.
The winner of the 2018 edition Chiara Angeli has become the testimonial of this year’s edition.


Athletes are invited to capture the best moment of their competition with photos and videos. The winning bib for the 2020 edition is up for grabs.

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