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Marzucco Pharmacy one of our main sponsors makes an additional gift to all participants of the Chianti Classico Marathon 2019: maxi 40% discount on all Named Sport products.

Just show up from June 1st to June 30th wearing the technical t-shirt of the event at the Marzucco Pharmacy in Piazza del Monumento n. 6, at Cerbaia, or at the Picca Pharmacy in piazza del Popolo n. 26, in Montespertoli, take a picture with the pharmacy staff and buy Named Sport products for the integration and nutrition of the sportsman.

There is time until June 30, 2019.

Marzucco Pharmacy, Piazza del Monumento 6, Cerbaia.

Tel. +39 055 055 826035

Picca Pharmacy, Piazza del Popolo 26, Montespertoli

Tel +39 0571 608014


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