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Everyone knows the famous Greve in Chianti! Fewer people know its neighbour Montefioralle: just a few km away from Florence, right net to Greve, there is one of the most charming borgo of Italy. A small village with old medieval walls and a castle on the top.

History of Montefioralle

The first documented settlement dates back to 1000 bc, when it is mentioned as the castro Monteficalli, probably in reference to the fig trees that used to grow in the surrounding of the castle. Later on, it was the property of several important families, namely RicasoliBenci di Figline and Gherardinidi Montagliari.

The castle used to be on the street that used to link the main three valleys of the area: Val d’Elsa, Val di Pesa and Val di Greve. With time, Greve was built close to the river and slowly took power and became the most important centre for trade. Today it remains the most charming borgo of Chianti Classico area and big is the loss for those who choose to visit Greve and not Montefioralle!



Montefioralle still has all the medieval walls and its tiny streets. They are so narrow that it is not allowed to enter the village with the car: you’ll find parking places just outside the walls and you’ll be free to wander among the village by foot! Surely it will be one of the stops of our Chianti Classico Marathon!