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The Chianti Classico Marathon for disabled people. In addition to being a sporting event that enhances the Chianti Fiorentino area, the team that organizes the event is also interested in the community by participating in social actions, in particular in the 2023 edition a part of the proceeds will in fact be donated to an important cause.
This is the Casalta di Sotto project which envisages the creation of a community for ten people with different abilities for the “after us”, in support of paths of autonomy to give them a place to live and develop specific professional skills. At the heart of this program is the right of disabled people to independent living.
The rural complex of Casalta di Sotto is a former farmhouse, now owned by the municipality, which will become the site of an important social project entirely dedicated to disability.
In the structure will be built: in addition to a family community, also a socialization day center, intended for 12 disabled people, with spaces for recreational and work activities; an independent apartment to be dedicated to “social tourism”.
The structure also has a swimming pool, which will be used by users for motor and rehabilitation activities, and surrounding land, dedicated instead to the construction of “social gardens” and animal breeding. It is an important project for the entire Florentine area, where public subjects (Health Societies, Local Administrations) and the third sector meet, in particular Social Promotion Associations and Volunteer Organizations in the area.
The Chianti Classico Marathon helps this reality. Take part too!