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The 2023 edition of the Chianti Classico Marathon also offers the opportunity to win the ITRA points of the International Trail Running Association. 

This year there is also something new, in fact points will also be awarded for the 21 km Trail, specifically 1 point will be awarded. While for the Utratrail there was an increase from 1 to 2 points.

Therefore the scores attributed to the runners will be: 2 points for 45 km ultratrail and 1 point for 21 km trail.

What are ITRA points

The International Trail Running Association was born in 2013 to promote the values ​​and development of trail running and promote the safety and health of runners, it guarantees dialogue between national and international bodies interested in the sport.

ITRA points are used to be able to participate in some international long-distance races that allow registration only against a certain ITRA score.

The ITRA evaluates the points in a trail running sporting event based on the distance, the difference in altitude and the autonomy, therefore based on the effort in kilometers and the difficulty that the athlete must employ to reach the finish line. The classification features seven different categories of trail racing ranging from XXS to XXL.

To obtain ITRA points it is sufficient to finish the race within the maximum established time, while the position in the standings or the time taken do not intervene in the scoring.