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Gabbiano Castle, dipped in the green hills of Chianti Classico and hosting a great wine production, guests and events, has a very peculiar architecture, most of which dates back to the XV century, four rounded towers at the corners, and one squared one that is part of the original structure. So we know thanks to the first historical references to Gabbiano from the 11th century when works began on the square tower, which was built to defend one of the most important communication routes between Florence and Siena as many other fortress structures in the area.

gabbiano castle chianti classico marathon

First owners of the castle were the Florentine banker family of Bardi, who started the constructions of the cellars, witnessing that wine has been an important product since  1124. In 1464, when the Soderini family had taken possession of the castle, in the land survey presented to the Land Registry of the Republic of Florence, it was noted that wine and oil were the most highly prized product of the estate. And so nowadays it is: more than 100 hectares of vineyards, olive groves and woods.

gabbiano castle chianti classico marathon

The castle hosts 11 bedrooms, and in 5 apartments for rent created by restoring the farmhouses of the estate, a fine restaurant, and different types of wine experiences: from the classical tour to picnics in the estate. Not to mention the swimming pool with a view! Its fortunate position, lying between Florence and Siena, makes it a perfect base for excursions throughout Tuscany.

It is going to be one of the last historical stop of our ULTRATRAIL! Check the itinerary here!