This name is often known for the wine, but locals identify it with the geographical area, where landscapes are made of soft hills and vineyards and sunsets are just breathtaking.

As much as we are proud our wine, we are proud of our culture and our relationship with the earth: the way vineyards are planted, the way vineyards grow, rain, sun and the soil. We carefully look at our land and our vineyards as part of our daily life.

A visit in Chianti Classico is an extremely charming experiences, from ruins of Etruscans, art, local little cute villages, exquisite wine and fine products. But more than everything is just the sight all around. The views, the sceneries, the vineyards, the olive yards, the colors.

This race is a great opportunity to discover some of our great passions: wine, landscapes and running! We are looking forward to welcoming you! Do contact us if you want to have more specific hints on things to do and choose your accommodation with us through our registration form. We will address you to the best places around!


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